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Jonathan Mayhew

Former Executive Vice President, Transformation, CVS Health


Jonathan Mayhew was executive vice president of transformation at CVS Health. In this role, Mayhew had oversight of the portfolio of business transformation initiatives across the enterprise that define CVS as a truly consumer-centric health care company. He was focused on combining enterprise strengths and capabilities to solve for the greatest experience and cost challenges facing consumers and delivering integrated support in homes, communities, and virtually.

Mayhew most recently served as the senior vice president for the Aetna markets organization, where he played a key role in shaping CVS Health’s integrated value story.

Prior to joining Aetna, Mayhew was a founding principal, CEO and president of Freedom Disability.. Mayhew also held senior leadership roles at Cigna, where he served as senior vice president of product, marketing and strategy for the enterprise and president of the northeast region.

Mayhew is a graduate of Providence College.