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Closing gaps in care

An individualized approach for improved member outcomes and cost savings 

Fully linking together all aspects of care makes it possible for your plan members to have personalized support for better access, adherence, and, ultimately, health.

Our strategy is member-centric and individualized: We use a broad set of channels to identify gaps in care, optimize engagement, and meet your members where they are. We bring together vast amounts of data – from prescription claims, medical claims, and lab results to demographic and biometric information – to understand what motivates members to influence behavior and drive change.

Our pharmacists play a unique and important role in getting to root causes of gaps in care and helping the member close those gaps. They serve as trusted contacts who can uncover opportunities to support better condition management, such as counseling for medication adherence or promoting preventive screenings.

3.9% more gaps closed with Pharmacist Panel interventions1

Solutions tailored to meet your needs

Our configurable collection of solutions complements your benefits plan and integrates into existing care management programs.

Population health

Target population health outcomes that require risk mitigation, intervention, and ongoing chronic care management 

Case study

Lowering costs by closing gaps in care

See how a customized solution helped lower costs for a health plan’s high-acuity members


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  • CVS Health Analytics, 2020. Adherence results are based on CVS Caremark data for clients enrolled in the Pharmacy Advisor All Channels program. Prevalence rates derived from the CVS Caremark Data Warehouse Adherence Outcomes Layer and medical cost savings estimates associated with improved adherence from the Pharmacy Care Economic Model (PCEM) 2020. Actual results may vary depending on benefit plan design, member demographics, programs implemented by the plan and other factors. Client-specific modeling available upon request.