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Optimize the impact of your pharmacy spend

Drive maximum value with our industry-leading programs to manage prescription benefits, lower drug costs, and improve health outcomes

Discover the value of CVS Caremark

We deliver an integrated suite of solutions and services to help plan sponsors address the biggest challenges in today’s health care landscape. Our whole health approach to care brings clinical expertise and innovation together, optimizing the impact of clients’ pharmacy spend.



5 facts to know about PBMs

Check out these resources to learn how our work supports affordability, quality, and access.

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5 facts to know about PBMs

#1 In the drug supply chain, PBMs drive down costs

PBM-negotiated discounts help lower the cost of prescription drug coverage.

These savings are felt directly by members:

$7.26 average member OOP cost for a 30-day supply in 2023

#2 PBMs support broad access to health care

Our network of more than 65K pharmacies supports broad access to high-quality care within local communities

#3 PBMs enhance competition in the marketplace

While drug manufacturers set prices, PBMs use competition among prescription drugs to lower costs and improve access.

#4 PBMs provide consumer choice

Plans and their members aren't one-size-fits-all

Our benefit design options meet different member and cost management needs.

#5 PBMs bring results and value to clients and members

With clinical expertise, innovative solutions, and powerful connections, we seamlessly manage pharmacy benefits.

We're removing as many drug pricing challenges as possible

to ensure affordability, quality, and access.

CVS Caremark

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Managing cost and quality

Optimize cost and affordability across traditional and specialty drugs


Closing gaps in care

Configurable programs to engage members in improving their health

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Driving medical benefit savings and support

Greater cost control across benefits

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Optimizing member experience

Support your members’ unique health journeys

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Managing specialty

A connected model to help optimize value


Growth strategies

Collaborate to maximize your financials and improve health outcomes

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