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Population health

Employ configurable population health solutions that focus on identifying the right opportunities to enable proactive engagement and create individualized member interventions.

Population health strategies play a critical role in improving outcomes and lowering health care costs. Our solutions are aimed at optimizing engagement through intelligent and proactive outreach so that the highest-risk members receive high-touch interventions and  lower-risk members receive care opportunities that are tailored to their preferences and risk profile.

Identifying areas of impact and engaging with members in specific focus areas leads to a better experience that helps lower costs, and our comprehensive targeting logic connects members and delivers more options to meet their needs.

Our configurable set of solutions allows you to choose the areas of focus that best meet your population’s needs, complementing your benefit strategy:


  • One-on-one counseling to help members stay on drug therapy and avoid complications, while we help you save on medical costs

Drug savings

  • Reaching out to providers using evidence based prescribing guidelines to improve member medication therapies

Medical cost avoidance

  • Proactive member outreach providing education and healthcare reminders, resulting in higher engagement, improved health outcomes and reduced medical costs

Site of care

  • Educating members about in-network and cost-effective facilities, reducing utilization costs

One-size-fits-all solutions aren’t always an ideal fit. Your solution can be customized to meet your goals and member needs, integrating into existing programs.

Engaging members in their health

Getting plan members involved is critical to improving their health. Read our executive summary for a more detailed overview.

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Let’s find care management solutions that work for you and your members