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Pipeline surveillance

The active drug pipeline can be a key challenge for payors seeking to balance member coverage and cost. CVS Caremark’s pipeline surveillance and insights can help you stay ahead in a rapidly changing marketplace.

CVS Caremark’s Clinical Pipeline Services team provides market intelligence on drugs in development. This group of licensed clinical pharmacists and analysts has extensive experience and knowledge in clinical practice, the drug regulatory process, and the business implications of emerging therapeutic entities.

Our clinical expertise, industry surveillance and reporting tools can help inform management decisions, contain rising costs, and achieve lower overall drug trend. We monitor drugs in development and key breakthrough therapies in order to project trend, cost, and utilization.

Gene and genetically modified cellular therapies, for example, have the potential to effectively cure diseases that once were incurable, though they come with an extraordinarily high price tag. Single-dose treatments can cost millions, and the clinical scope is widening. Proactive ongoing surveillance of the gene therapy pipeline can help inform coverage decisions and help plan sponsors prepare for the financial impact.

2024-2026 anticipated robust pipeline1

339 new specialty drugs

257 supplemental specialty indications

28 gene therapy products

44 biosimilars approvals and 37 launches

Clients receive quarterly pipeline reports that include drug-level profiles, insight into trend drivers, and specific guidance. We have robust dashboards that generate population insight, identify top drug and utilization trends, model budget impact, and show year-over-year trend data.

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  • 1 Pipeline Services 2023, Pipeline Services projections, data 2024 through 2026, as of September 10, 2023. New drug count includes new molecular entities, new biologics, biosimilars, new combinations, new formulations, CAR-T and non CAR-T projections by Pipeline Services.