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Returning to work post-pandemic: What employers need to know

Strategy is essential for bringing employees safely back to work


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White Paper

Employers face critical challenges in returning employees to work safely


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As the number of vaccinated Americans exceeds 150 million, employers are beginning to think about how best to return to work. But a number of questions remain, including: Should we continue testing? If so, whom should we test and when? Can we require employees to be vaccinated? Can we ask them whether they are? What about those who are still hesitant about the vaccine? What do we need to know about the new virus strains?

Getting the answers to these questions can help inform your return-to-work strategy. Developing a strategy can help your company or organization bring employees back to work safely. A new white paper from CVS Health® brings together the latest information from multiple sources and provides tips on how to develop the strategy to best fit your workforce and workplace.

Learn how the country can reach herd immunity, why continued testing is important and how employers can play a crucial role in supporting vaccine adoption.


45 percent of employees stated that initiatives targeting convenience and obtaining the vaccine at no cost would significantly increase their likelihood of getting the vaccine


This white paper highlights key considerations for employers as they develop a strategy involving testing and vaccination to feel secure about the continued health of their employees.

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