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Intelligent medication monitoring for targeted specialty interventions

Innovative digital solution improves outcomes, experience while lowering costs


Christine Sawicki, Executive Director of Product Development & Innovation


Specialty therapies are complex and patients often face challenges including side effects or ineffective treatment, which require active monitoring and personalized engagement to ensure patients stay adherent. If the side effects are significant, or if the patient no longer feels they are getting the benefit of the medication, they may stop taking it. The right monitoring to detect if this is happening, and appropriate interventions are critical to saving payors money.


50% of surveyed rheumatologists have patients try three medications in the first year on average to treat rheumathoid arthritis (RA)1


Our Intelligent Medication Monitoring* solution uses data analytics and our digital infrastructure to identify when patients may no longer be benefiting from their treatment and intervene appropriately. Our proactive surveillance enables us to identify gaps in care, and monitor efficacy, symptoms, pain and exacerbations. Given our high level of digital engagement we can adapt our message to members and reach them through a channel of their preference. When appropriate, we can work with providers to deliver targeted interventions, including stopping treatment or changing to a different therapy.


Clinical interventions helped deliver >$3k

savings per successful intervention2

Following intervention 18%

stopped or switched therapy within 60 days

How digital engagement uncovers the need to change therapy

In this video, discover what could happen for a patient with the right interventions and treatment.


  • 1 2020 CVS Specialty and/or one of its affiliates rheumatologist survey April 2020, CVS Caremark Market Research | Enterprise Insights Project #: 2020-0030. All data sharing complies with applicable law, our information firewall and any applicable contractual limitations. Actual results may vary depending on benefit plan design, member demographics, programs implemented by the plan and other factors. (P1006260820)

  • 2 CVS Health Analytics, 2022. Estimated savings based on CVS Specialty data 1/1/21 – 12/31/21 representing successful intelligent medication monitoring (IMM) interventions. Actual results may vary depending on benefit plan design, member demographics, programs implemented by the plan and other factors.​​


*CVS Specialty pharmacy patients only.

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