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Biosimilars in the autoimmune category

Competition should meaningfully reduce drug costs and bring significant savings for payors


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It’s an exciting time for health care as the marketplace anticipates a cascade of biosimilars over the next two years. The wave begins with the 2023 launch of several biosimilars to Humira, one of the top-selling drugs for nearly 20 years.

The increased competition between biosimilars and biologics creates an opportunity to meaningfully reduce drug costs. With so many new entrants in 2023 and 2024, we expect the biosimilars market to be increasingly competitive and dynamic.


Biosimilars in the Autoimmune Category – Opportunities and Considerations

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The pipeline is robust and we expect plan sponsors will benefit from significant savings in the autoimmune category where biosimilar competition exists.


Global biosimilars market size by 2025


FDA-approved biosimilars in the United States as of December 2022


Biosimilars in development in the United States


What do payors need to know? We’re here with an overview of these treatments, which will play an important role in our health care system. Our primer, Biosimilars in the Autoimmune Category – Opportunities and Considerations, highlights the complex factors that affect formulary decisions around biosimilars. With each entrant, we review cost and clinical considerations, including formulation, delivery mechanism, sufficient supply, and member experience.


After this read, you’ll know:

  • What biosimilars are and how they drive competition
  • Important considerations for biosimilar use
  • Expected launches and pipeline highlights


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