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The keys to transforming metabolic health

GLP-1s: A new guide to cost, coverage, and care


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The CVS Caremark Guide: Transforming Metabolic Health

The CVS Caremark Guide: Transforming Metabolic Health provides an overview of our customizable, integrated approach to GLP-1 management

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Metabolic health has been in the spotlight as demand for glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor agonists, or GLP-1s, has grown. These medications have proven highly effective at treating type 2 diabetes and obesity, and recently gained approval to help reduce cardiovascular events. Additional indications are expected.

The efficacy of GLP-1s isn’t the only thing garnering national attention. They are also very expensive, which presents a challenge for plan sponsors. We developed The Caremark Guide: Transforming Metabolic Health to be a comprehensive reference for payors who want to provide coverage for clinically appropriate metabolic health therapies in a way that makes sense for their business.


The guide focuses on three keys that are crucial to optimal GLP-1 strategy:

  • Coverage – important considerations to inform your approach
  • Cost – utilization management strategies that can help rein in spend
  • Care – how personalized clinical and nutrition support can boost clinical efficacy and may even help some members avoid medication

It also links to additional resources, including:

We hope these resources can help inform your metabolic health strategy. To learn more about customizing an approach for your unique population, contact your account team for an opportunity analysis.


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