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Improve plan performance with myPBM

Designed with you in mind, bringing simplicity and efficiency to your plan management and client experience


Simple, intuitive, actionable: The myPBM experience

Make faster, smarter decisions with our modular, cloud-based platform. Read our executive summary for a more detailed overview.

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As a tech-forward PBM, CVS Caremark is leveraging the latest cloud technology to build a best-in-class client experience with myPBM. Powered by Microsoft Azure, our platform enables you to improve plan performance in three key ways:

1. Boost speed, accuracy, and efficiency

  • Streamline, automate, and simplify key plan management processes
  • Faster implementation of plan changes in hours, not months, with new levels of accuracy
  • Flexible solutions to meet you where you are, from self-service options to guided support
2. Create actionable insights with unified data
  • One single, trusted source of truth across all contracted services through CVS Caremark
  • Access to reliable, real-time information when you need it
  • Powerful analysis and reporting through centralized data hubs

3. Transform strategy and drive business growth

  • Intelligence-driven insights through myPBM enable better decisions
  • From plan setup and administration to implementation and beyond – identifying trends and opportunities for optimization

The results are strong:


50% reduction in turnaround times for client plan requirements and benefits


CVS Caremark delivers value and meaningful results as your strategic partner, now with more insight and connectivity through myPBM. Showing our commitment to innovation, myPBM will continue to evolve with more capabilities that help you stay ahead of the market and best manage your pharmacy benefits.

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