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Making drug pricing clearer and simpler – as it should be


The evolving pharmacy landscape requires bold new thinking about pricing.

For years the pharmacy industry managed drug costs through market basket pricing – prices based on a basket of various medications, aiming to balance costs – and cross-subsidization – lowering the cost of brand drugs by shifting value from generic drugs.

These approaches are no longer sustainable, and the marketplace is ready for industry-shifting change. With more members exposed to the full cost of their medications through high deductible health plans (HDHP) they tend to shop around for lower prices, going off benefit to do so.

To address this, we’re committed to rewiring our pricing strategy for greater cost transparency, putting our clients and their members ahead of the curve.

Now we’re introducing CVS Caremark TrueCost as a solution that can help members realize the maximum value of our purchasing power. 


TrueCost is reshaping the future of drug pricing by:

  • Providing deeper transparency with drug level, multi-year net cost guarantees across all drugs
  • Delivering simplicity with acquisition-based pricing guarantees to help sustain economic predictability and guide strategic decision-making for clients
  • Strengthening the value of your pharmacy benefit, keeping members on benefit when they fill their prescriptions



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Reshaping pharmacy pricing with CVS Caremark TrueCostTM

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